Catalysts accelerate reactions and results. They bring two different things together, create a bond to make a new thing. 

Everyday things have been created with the help of a catalyst…

In the common things that we eat… Ethane and hydrogen, with an assist from a nickel catalyst, result in the hydrogenation of vegetable oils to create margarine

In the air that we breathe… Expensive metals such as platinum are the change agents in catalytic converters that detox poisonous carbon monoxide in car exhaust.

On the planet where we live… Chlorofluorocarbons, used in refrigerants and aerosol, catalyze chlorine atoms to destroy the protective ozone layer of the planet, thereby reducing the atmosphere’s ability to abosorb ultraviolet light.  The result – global warming

In our bodies … Enzymes catalyze high-energy chemical reactions to accelerate digestion and the penetration of nutrients into the system.   


Customer needs are the most powerful catalysts to accelerate the creation of new markets and new innovations.

Competitor actions oriented towards fulfilling those needs catalyze organizations to change the most quickly.

Revenue and profit growth result from knowing how to take advantage of these two market catalysts.