Catalyzing Revenue

What to Think About

The customer is the catalyst for revenue generation and growth. Just follow the money!

Even with this simple truth many companies have a number of revenue catalyst challenges...

  • Identifying the right customer for their technology, products, solutions or services. Is it the decision maker or the user? Is it the retailer or the consumer? The person with the budget or the person tagged to produce business results? Getting the relationships right and the individual roles aligned is critical to create a revenue growth catalyst.
  • Understanding how to serve those customers, once identified. Serving customers requires understanding and making it easier for them to do what they want to do. Customers become non-catalyzing targets when companies merely target them with their product campaigns without really addressing how to fulfill their needs completely.
  • Stimulating early customers to sell others. To accelerate revenue growth, existing customers should be used to catalyze adoption of new customers. Many companies, even when successful in winning “choosers” and/or users, don’t make it easy for these customers to catalyze others. And if they have a less-than-satisfying-experience, they will become a company’s best “de-marketer”.