Elizabeth Chaney / Paul Eisenhardt / Susan Collignon / Michael Stickland

Market Design Director

Market leadership, continuous innovation, and sustained revenue growth are the results of companies that proactively design the market to their advantage and their primary competitors’ disadvantage. Market design integrates customer-led market development with continuous strategic implementation to capture unique and profitable market positions.  

Elizabeth Chaney has 25+ years of experience in market creation and capture implementation.   She has successfully developed advantaged market positions for well over 100 companies. She has also created a number of new market and product categories matching customer unmet needs with emerging technology enablement

She works with companies to proactively design their markets to improve and/or optimize their performance. Her market design work may take the form of new market opportunities that can be authored and captured. It may also be the defining of continuous value-added solutions and services portfolios to enable selected customers to reduce their investments of time, space, information/knowledge and money. 

Prior to forming Market Catalyst Group six years ago, Elizabeth created and built a business and market design group for Interbrand, a brand consulting group.  Before Interbrand, she built and led the Business Strategy & Architecture group for Scient Corporation. The foundation of her marketing savvy comes from her 18 years working with Regis McKenna at The McKenna Group. 

Prior to helping companies become market leaders, Elizabeth sold enterprise/departmental computer solutions for a division of NCR. She also held marketing positions at Acurex/Autodata, an industrial computer solutions firm, and Raychem Corporation’s Electronics Division. 

Financial Performance Analysis Director

New technologies often re-define the economics of existing categories. Frequently, new technologies are viewed through a mature economics lens, thereby diminishing their value. Also, early adopter companies need to understand the financial performance impact to their business with the integration of new technologies. MCG financial and economic performance analysis is focused on defining these new technology market and business economics.    

Paul Eisenhardt has over 30 years of operational and financial management experience for both public and private companies. He applies his financial performance insight and expertise to develop and hone win-win partner relationships, as well as in identifying “springboard” segments for company revenue growth.     

Prior to becoming a consultant, Paul held a number of executive positions for large public companies as well as small start ups. He was the CEO of a managed services operation of a public energy and water resource management company for 13 years. After that, as the CFO of a public environmental services company, he was continuously responsible for analyzing competitive financial performance down to  individual customer valuation levels. Then, as CEO of a venture-funded technology start up, he created and launched a services business around a patented ozone treatment technology. Finally, as the VP Marketing for a precursor of today’s online mapping solutions, he identified and consummated a number of strategic alliances to position the company for growth.   

Customer Needs Research Director

Emerging and converging technologies enable un- or under-served customer needs to be more wholly satisfied. There is a challenge in fully understanding the whole customer problem as it is usually invisible, hidden in current processes or camouflaged in or between corporate organizational silos.

Susan Collignon, has 25+ years of experience in designing customer research such that un- or under-served needs are revealed. She has focused primarily in those market and/or application areas that are emerging or converging as a result of new enabling technologies. Her unique hypothesis-driven approach guides focused discussions surrounding customer processes and potential solutions.

Susan has built a team of highly skilled consultative interviewers with particular expertise in leading probing discussions with technical personnel and senior executives. These interviewers have several years of past experience as marketers, engineers, market researchers, strategic communicators and technology sales people. 

Susan’s previous role as director of custom research at Prognostics honed her skills in gathering information from technical management/senior line-of-business executives and converting that information into actionable recommendations for market development and capture.

Future Vision Producer

Making new technology-enabled market, product and/or service categories tangible and “real” is critical. The role of the future vision producer is to bring customer and/or customers’ customer stories to life through the innovative use of multimedia. These stories are used to facilitate MCG client visioneering sessions. They are also used by clients as sales tools to stimulate strategic conversations with senior level customer executives about their customer opportunities.  

Michael Strickland is a creative producer of multi-media stories of users’ lives and/or businesses that result from the implementation of emerging or converging technologies. He builds stories using common, general purpose computer applications that can be modified on-the-fly to fit different customer or customers’ customer segments that would comprise an individual market category. 

Michael has an extensive background helping company executives graphically communicate their visions to their internal and external constituencies. He has also provided outsourced graphics creative and production services for Wells Fargo Bank, Electronic Arts, Cisco and Blue Shield to name a few. 

Michael has taught multimedia creation and production techniques at San Francisco State Multimedia School, Foothill and Canada Colleges.