Market Catalyst Group uses the customer, or even customers' customers to catalyze market results for its clients -

Speed revenue growth. MCG focuses companies on what their customers want to do, rather than on what they want to buy. It customizes insight-oriented customer intelligence to find areas of significant customer resource investments in their implementation and achievement of primary business and/or lifestyle processes. The result is more easily purchasable solutions.

Hasten customer demand creation. MCG re-aligns sales, marketing, channel, and business partners to serve rather than target the selected customers. The result is more efficient and effective marketing spend.

Expand the scope and value of customer innovation. MCG looks outside the product/service innovation into customer adaptation and usage. The result is a roadmap for continuous innovation in selected product/service areas.

Capture leadership in "springboard" segments. MCG guides companies in programs, services and products to reduce their customers' resource investments in achievement of their goals. The result is market capture and ownership.

Market Catalyst Group customizes customer-centered marketing solutions for every client situation

Generate more leads. MCG helps to identify and understand those customers that "demand" the results which client products, solutions and services can largely enable. The result - self-generating leads.

Differentiate in a crowded and noisy market. MCG hypothesizes and customer-validates new market categories that can be enabled. The result - a customer-leveraged market capture and ownership roadmap.

Escape from the procurement prison. MCG creates the competitive impact and economic case required to capture the attention of customer senior leadership. The result share of market expansion.

Reduce sales costs. MCG develops and implements marketing tools and campaigns that will accelerate and streamline a company's sales funnel. The result - more sales opportunities and increased deal-closing sales focus.

Avoid the commodity curve through innovation. MCG pinpoints the spectrum of available innovation opportunities with scenario scripts illustrating customer usage and adaptation using the client's technology. The result - continuous innovation that self-markets.

Attack the competition. MCG details how to capture a bigger share of the customer segment experience through more completely satisfying the customer need. The result - crushed competition.

Crisper “messaging” surrounding flagship products. MCG probes into selected customers under-served needs and processes. The result - proactive market positioning actions synchronized with customer "care abouts".

Deliver a customer experience. MCG designs and details experience delivery actions to address each selected customer type. The result - increased share of customer wallet and a social advocacy network of customers.

Measure and report marketing ROI. MCG uniquely models customer propensity behavior across the closed-loop marketing lifecycle.

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