Catalyzing Revenue

MCG Revenue Catalyst Services

Customer-Accountable Marketing (CAM)

The abundance of choice in every product, solution and service category results in a buyer's market. With the customer in control, marketing increasingly needs to re-orient towards customer accountability as the prime measure of its effectiveness. Most marketing today continues to treat customers like targets, rather than proactively identifying and selecting those customers whose needs the company can service completely.

Targeting to sell to is very different than selecting to serve. 

  • CAM is a technology marketing system oriented towards selecting customers to serve.
  • CAM is based on the premise that companies exist to serve customers
  • CAM is oriented towards accelerating time-to-money,
  • CAM is comprised of seven interlinked components that can be used to:
  • Catalyze revenues in specific new solution areas or across product portfolios
  • Introduce new technologies into yet-to-exist categories
  • To assess the overall marketing effectiveness against competitors from customers' perspective

MCG collaborates with companies to develop their own customer-accountable marketing system or to implement components for a specific area of their business. An MCG engagement may take the form of an initial workshop, a multi-day marketing training, a marketing effectiveness assessment, a "flagship" solution launch, or a longer-term company transformation.